Welcome to SmartiPants Productions!


Stanford University research has concluded that the very best thing women can do for their health and well-being is to spend time with girlfriends. We knew that...

Smartipants Productions is all about creating fun events just for women.  As the world around us shifts from a time of "me" to a time of "we", it is becoming ever more important for women to have leisurely opportunities to come together, to share knowledge, to share wisdom, and to share abundant laughter.

The Smartipants community - known as the SmartiSisters - connects women, supports women, and encourages women to laugh and learn together; to relax, recharge, and rejuvenate in a fun and collaborative environment surrounded by girlfriends!

SmartiSisters know that life is for living! We are determined to live it with enthusiasm and joy, every day. Everything we do is branded "Smarti" and it absolutely must be fun. We have theme parties, dinner get-togethers, exclusive shopping events, fun weekends...We are always looking for new adventures for togetherness.

Here's why it's good to be a SmartiSister:

Only we get to proudly wear our SmartiPin

SmartiSisters get unique discounts on events and merchandise

SmartiBuzz Newsletter is just for us

We receive an Inspirational SmartiBlog by email every other Monday


There are so many other reasons to become a SmartiSister. Be a guest at one of our events and see for yourself how much fun and laughing we do!


We have a community, a mission and a credo.  It's time for us to have more fun!  Allow that little girl inside you come out to play with girlfriends. Join us!

We are very much looking forward to meeting you!

We wish you everything you wish for yourselves - and so much more!

In friendship and with a smile,

The Smartipants Productions Team & the SmartiSisters